Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving - Costa Rica Style

For me, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday of the year. It is a time when friends and family come together just to have a godd time with each other. The idea of taking time to give thanks for your life resonates with my spiritual quest. The mass consumption of food, drink and sweets helps too, as does the 4 day weekend - though this year that didnt matter so much.

Yesterday Dave and I had quite the time here in Tamarindo. Somehow, despite some rumors we heard the night before, we were absolved of cooking and cleaning duties. It pays to build up goodwill - our efforts the last 3 weeks to feed others and keep the communal kitchen clean obviously did not go unnoticed. We spent the daylight hours engaged in the random pursuits of Tamarindo life - surfing, walking on the beach, etc.

Then the sun went down, the food arrived. The table was filled with veggies, baking materials and 4 chickens - which after a brief debate it was decided to add two more to the mix. The food didn´t start until around 5:30, and people began congregating at about the same time. There were over two dozen people all told.

For most of them it was their first Thanksgiving. I mingled with Canadians (who have thanksgiving in October), Germans, Israelis, Argentines, Ticos (Costa Ricans) and a handful of other Americans. The atmosphere was quite festive, with the courtyard and every room in the hostel full of people buzzing about enjoying themselves. Beer and rum flowed freely. Joints were passed about without worry and there were some intense games of ping pong. At one point the ball was knocked into one of the fires and burned up in only a few seconds. The two chickens on that grill got a "special" flavoring - though no one noticed when it came time to eat.

The meal took a long time to cook, even with substituting chicken for turkey. It was around 10 when we finally ate dinner. When the time came though it was magnificent. I will try and get some pictures from the people saavy enough to still have their cameras.

The kitchen was set up buffet style. Bread station - Chicken - Mashed potatoes with gravy and cranberry sauce - stuffing - salad station with salsa. It was wonderful food. The common room filled with people. All the bean bags and much of the floor was covered with hungry guests. For a while there was silence as we savored the long-awaited meal. After the first round those quick enough got seconds before dessert - pumkin pie with a graham cracker crust - was served. Damn it was tasty.

All told it was a great time. Everything turned out for the best. The only thing missing was my family and friends. I love and miss you guys. Being down here has made me appreciate you all more than I can express right now. I hope your Thanksgiving dinners were full of joy, love and good times. Until next time.

Pura Vida.



Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are prospering. This one of my top holidays too. I loved the pingpong ball part. :)

Anonymous said...

PS. That was Lauren. :)

Kitsune said...

I used to hate any holiday that brought family together..then I got a new family ^_^

Rick and I went to Santa Barbara courtsey of his grandma and it was nice but nothing beats a Skondin Thanksgiving. We miss you guys too!