Friday, September 7, 2007

Work is Super Sweet (WiSS!)

Next week is vacation baby! What does that mean for Dave-san?

  1. Purchasing plane tickets
  2. Getting rid of stuff
  3. Doing some country research (Peru?)
  4. Writing more lists
And while iconoclasm (item #2) can be comforting when nearing the singularity of departure, I am still finding myself at a loss for what to keep and where to store the crap I will almost undoubtedly never, ever, have a need for again.

In the midst of all this, and at work no less, I had an interesting conversation with a fellow technophile and good friend, Timmy the Schmick. Posted here for my future progeny's approval:



dave: i read about this when it was in san francisco

Tim: nice you should get one of those if it really takes so little fuel... fucking get some sails on it, solar panels fusion reactors and guns, of course you'll be set

dave: i am thinking... ultracapacitors charged by flexible solar coated sails, excess energy running the desalination plant

Tim: and a floating, extensible wind generator that you unfurl when parked

dave: and have some sort of pressurized helium in the craft. in emergencies, the mast detaches/folds down and a series of solar coated kevlar balloons inflate from depressuizing the liquid helium... and then you have a dirgible airship that can touch back down to water when the conditions are better

Tim: LOL nice

dave: yeah--we were kind of on the same page there. an airship that deploys kites

Tim: shit, an airship / sail boat that deploys kites

dave: and gets pulled by nanowire rigged kites

Tim: totally

dave: and the nanowires act as large global antennas too

Tim: oh, shit yeah

dave: or use that japanese techology to convert solar to lasers and have a lazer power plant shooting the back side of mylar kites--like a space faring solar sail, except in atmo... and of course, we'd all get rocket packs

Tim: of course

dave: yeah!

Tim: can we add spider legs to the boat for overland travel?

dave: what other ridiculous technological monstrosities can we dream up? hey, or tank treads

Tim: you know, when we don't want to fly

dave: or maybe just have the airship in international airspace, and launch electric powered dropships to go anywhere on earth. the fly up to leo and then re-enter near their destination

Tim: oooo drop ships are hawt

dave: but really, if we went that far, i'd rather have the main base in a lagrange point, or in geosync

Tim: then our station could beam down solar lasers to bring the dropships back up. agreed

dave: yeah that's the thing... we could have the mainbase in geosync, surrounded by a bunch of solar collectors

Tim: we could cast out a net of molcules to use as a giant sub-orbital quantum computer

dave: we wouldn't have to wrry so much about energy, as much as worry about waste heat

Tim: to help out with the managing of the ship

dave: you go too far tim

Tim: :-o

what, you don't want a giant sub-orbital quantum computer? I never thought I would hear that from you...

dave: no, it isn't that. it is just that quantum computation isn't suited for avionics software in the least... keeping the base in good running order doesn't need exceptional processing power. it needs exceptional redundancy

frankly i am shocked.

and now the circle of trust has been broken

Tim: paralell processors!

multiple distributed molecular processors that are immune to heinous sabotage attempts such as the hated EMP or dastardly dynamite

dave: the sphincter of my creative intellect is puckered in response to this new insecurity i feel-- where before i felt solidarity, now i feel alienation by my disgust of the most pedestrian sensationalism i have heard in hours

Tim: You're missing the genius

dave: why don't you just start a tv pilot tim

on lifetime

that was low

dave: and call it, space assholes

Tim: Particle Processors... floating around the space station. Clearly genius.

dave: it just isn't relevant tim

Tim: I am saddened that you can't see it

dave: it is pure speculation

Tim: an mylar solar kites aren't
I mean, tank treds, I get
Dropships, yeah
come on

dave: sorry tim
i love you but now i am edging out over the fire escape to jump to my doom. this image in my head must DIE


That in a nutshell wraps up this Friday. This weekend? Hanging out with my not-girl friend, riding my bike, and getting mentally prepared for: VACATION!


Saturday, September 1, 2007

huzzah for project: wanderer

Well here it is: the first step in the beginning of the ten thousand mile journey. From here, we hope to to keep friends and family posted on the whereabouts and misdemeanors of our motley crew, provide any travel insights we wished we would've known about, and report interesting thoughts, ideas, and observations of the world around us. This is a work in progress, so bear with the construction!