Friday, July 25, 2008

The road goes ever on...

Well, I have not posted since Dave up and left me in the great Ciudad known as Panama. In the months between now and then too much has happened for me to write about in one post. Hell, a book might cover it, but right now I do not have the attention span for that kind of thing.

So jumping right to the present.

I am in the great metropolis know as Vancouver, Washington, USA. I work a regular 8-5 job making decent money and am recovering my finances from the extended months of shenanigans that I was engaged in.

This post should be considered as an opening shot in the new round of blogging for the Cskondin. Many adventures have come and gone without being committed to this most timeless electronic medium - but no more! I am back. And may God (or whatever you may or may not believe in) smile upon us all.