Friday, November 16, 2007

The quiet moments

Hello again all,

Life here in Tamarindo is continuing as ususal. Slowly and easy. Each day is full of experience and life. Each night is full of good food, good drinks and good people. Usually during the day I go surfing or swing in a hammock, reading and listening to music. I also try and find time each day to explore the areas in and around Tamarindo. The natural world around and in this town is incredible.

For instance, two days ago I decided to take a long walk to clear my head. I wandered the streets of Tamarindo at first, navigating through loud, dusty streets. Loud constructions sites, dusty roads, noisy vendors and packs of yammering tourists was not the environment I was looking for, so I headed out of town.

After a few minutes of relative quiet, broken only by the ocasional car hurtling past me spewing up a large cloud of dust, I was walking through a patch of woods. A little ways into the woods I found a beach access trail behind a bus stop and started walking slowly. The trail went through a small swamplike patch of ground straight to the ocean. The woods stretched off to my right. On the left a simple farmhouse stood, the yard overgrown with grasses and shrubs, the house itself slowly crumbling under a tin roof. It was quiet and perfect.

After the bustle of town standing in a patch of marshy woodlands was a catalyst for me. I cleared my mind and focused on just experiencing the life around me, and it was incredible. The path was lined with these brightly colored red and yellow land crabs I hadn't noticed before. There were dozens of them lining the path. As I walked along the path they would jump into these holes they had dug in the mud at incredible speed. I never got closer than about 6 meters (20 feet) to any of them, but if I stood still I could watch those further away moving around. I sat and watched the crabs, birds lizards and insects around me for a long time before continuing on to the beach.

It is little things like this that make life here so amazing and each day worth waking up for. Well, that is a sample of my life here in Tamarindo, along with the crazy stuff Dave has told told you all about. Stay tuned and live well.

Pura Vida.


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