Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Costa rica by Bus

Our last night in Tamarindo was fantastic. The dinner was wonderful, and everyone who partook was satisfied, including us. Somehow we managed to recoup the entire expense of the food plus a little change extra, which was nice. After that it was time for drinking, followed by a few hours of dancing. At some point we made it back to the hostel, passed out, took a short nap, and woke up still drunk and caught the only bus to San Jose at 5:30am. The bus ride was a little over 6 hours, by the end of it I was hung over and very tired.

When we finally got to San Jose we went to our hostel, ate some food at the restaurant upstairs and crashed for about 2 hours. Then we walked across town to try and get our plane tickets refunded or changed (which didnt work). Finally we got a good nights sleep, woke up figured out the bus we needed to get to Cahuita and since it didnt leave until 2pm went to the Jade Museum and walked around to waste time. The museum was ok, the best part was using the labels to practive spanish.

The bus to Cahuita took almost exactly 4 hours. During that time I read Siddartha, by Herman Hesse. When we pulled into Cahuita we walked along a dirt road looking for a place to stay. We hitched a ride with the local mechanic at one point and he took us to a place called Reggae Cabinas. We got a dirty, hot room that was not worth the price we paid, but at least we had a place to put our stuff. We got dinner at a local joint back in town, had some drinks then went to bed. I had a bad night of getting bit constantly by bugs and waking up from the heat. We woke up looked around town and decided to go to Puerto Viejo right away.

This turned out to be a great decision. The bus ride was short, especially since I got off at the stop before town. So we walked along the beach, until it started pouring down rain. Then we walked for about 2 miles down the road to a place called Rocking J's, where we are currently staying. J's is a pretty incredible place. They have private rooms, tents and hammocks all in a large compound. The owner, a guy from Arizona named J encourages people to decorate the place with paintings and mozaics. The place is very colorful as a result, giving it a warm feel. It also lies right on the beach, which is nice. Puerto Viejo is a very laid back, cool place. It has been raining alot since we got here, but we have kept ourselves entertained.

Anyway, that brings us more or less up to date since the last post. The internet is very expensive here so there will probably not be another post for a while. Until then.

Pura Vida


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we love you and miss you both!